Couch to 5k Repeated Fail

I hate running. Always have, always will. I remember trying to go for a run with a friend in college and as we jogged past the school’s hockey coach, he made fun of me! (He knew me because I had taken ice skating with him…yes…I was able to take an ice skating class in college for 1 credit.  Taught by a hockey coach. I’m out of practice, but I used to be great at hockey stops!)  Anyway…I still suck at running. I’ve tried a Couch to 5k app a few times but I seem to stale out at 3 weeks and 2 miles.  In the past, I’ve only used the app on treadmills and even with a tv attached to the machine, I find it beyond boring.  This attempt I’ve been running outside which I have found a little more entertaining. On one run I discovered this:



I’m just about to start week 3 again and a little worried. Run 3 minutes nonstop? EEEK.  Its just never been my thing. I can seriously walk and hike for miles and miles from one end of a city or a mountain to another, but ask me to jog around the block and I pant and sweet and wheeze.  But this time, I’m going to do it!Especially have to get my butt in gear because on July 8th my sister and I are participating in the Philly Color Run

My poor husband has been running with me and has started to run ahead and then double back to me in order to get a decent workout. My short little legs just don’t carry me far. I’ve been trying to make an effort to extend my legs into longer strides.

I’m going to keep at it. I’m determined this time! Gotta run further than 2 miles in 30 miles. And I really need to check back on those strawberries.

New couch!


I’ve been searching for the perfect couch since 2006. I’m not joking. But in 2007 I went to grad school and that sucked up all my couch buying $$ and then some. New couch search started up again last year. I’m not as in love with the pillows as I was in the showroom, but that’s an easy update. I can even sew new ones myself to keep costs down.


Here’s a pic of the new and old sofas. New: clean lines, extra wide, plenty of room for two people and two cats, color that matches with just about everything. Old: rumbled couch from my husbands bachelor pad days, reclines, narrow. Def. not enough room for two humans and two felines to lie down on. Yah! New couch. Love.

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PJ’s always willing to lend a purr

2012-06-15 12.29.23

I was planning on making this headband. I think it will be great for the gym. Got as far as cutting the old sweatpants in half before Ms. Pookiebear Junebug (aka PJ) plopped down on them, purring away. Who am I to say no to purrs and cuddles.

Learning a Trade or My Attempt to Take My Home Out of the 80s

About a year ago I took an electrical class and learned how to change light switches and electrical outlets.  It has taken me this whole time to work up enough courage to actually apply what I learned.  Turns out, it really is easy and to-date, I have replaced four light switch plates, seven light switches and two electrical outlets.  I also replaced my doorbell which was crazy easy and because the voltage for the bell is so low,  I didn’t have to turn off the electricity (just make sure no one is pressing the bell when you’re doing this).   The key to feeling safe is having the right equipment.  I bought a non-contact voltage tester and an outlet tester.  Similar to the ones found here and here.  All the outlet plates and switches I bought at Lowes but I also saw them at Home Depot.

The most important step in electrical work is turning off the power.  In order to figure out which breaker was which, I plugged a radio in the outlet. Music turns off, you’ve found the right switch.  To make it easier for any future work, I labeled the switches. Even though I took a class, I refreshed my knowledge with a few youTube videos and found the staff in the electrical section at Lowes to be extremely helpful.

Outlet, mid-change That isn't rust you're seeing...that orange was the color of the walls when we first moved in. Two accent walls and the entire upstairs bathroom.

Old light switch.

Mid-change. Switch on the right is the new one. Shadow in the middle is my head.

New outlet and PJ

New Light Switch. Since taking this picture I found the missing screw.